Health disparities are a problem that affect not only the people facing barriers to health and health care, but also pose significant costs to communities. StoryBridge promotes health equity by honoring the perspectives and first-hand experiences of those affected by health disparities, as well as others committed to improving health for all.

Recognizing that perspectives and experiences on health disparities come in many forms, we offer a platform for multimedia storytelling that brings together patients, health professionals, family members, and others invested in health equity.

Health & Stories

Multimedia storytelling is uniquely suited to the nuances of personal health experiences, which may not conform to a single form of communication. Stories are real and fictional accounts of events. Stories come in the multiple forms that people express themselves, including memoirs, poems, comics, photography, and much more. Please check our Definitions and Sources page for terms and resources that may be helpful for navigating the world of storytelling, health and medicine.

Bringing Communities Together

Storytelling connects and brings people together. StoryBridge offers an online platform to share creative works and a discussion forum to generate conversations on health disparities. We also go into actual Bay Area communities to ensure that connections happen in the places where people live and experience health. Check out our news page for upcoming storytelling workshops, exhibits, and other community events.


StoryBridge is a purpose-driven entity, aimed at bringing together the diverse communities of the Bay Area that have unique experiences and perspectives on barriers to health and health care. Through offering a platform and other tools, we facilitate needed conversations and partnerships that help to address health disparities and create solutions focused on improving health and health care for all.



  • Browse: take a look through the multimedia submissions by users. Stories are arranged by health topic and form of storytelling.
  • Share. Do you have an experience or thoughts on health disparities? Feel free to share your insights in any storytelling format that resonates with you.
  • Join. Users who submit have the choice to include their submission in a moderated discussion forum. When you see “join the conversation” next to a piece, feel free to join us to discuss the submission and its insights to health disparities.
  • Participate. We host storytelling workshops and live discussions in venues throughout the Bay Area. Check our news page for future events or contact us if you would like to have us host an event with your organization.

 Donate to Storybridge

StoryBridge is currently a self-funded community resource. Our plans are to eventually incorporate into a nonprofit organization and acquire 501(c)(3) status. Your donations help to fund the maintenance and updates of the StoryBridge platform, in addition to community-based events. We thank you for the support!