Eli Clare: Eli Clare: Creativity, Activism, and the Intersection of Two Pandemics (Part III)

In this last part of the discussion with Eli Clare, he explores current inspirations and influences in the disability community. Clare addresses how his influences are widespread and include many of individuals not listed in the links included below. He also identifies how society often elevates single individuals, forgetting the importance of community and the everyday interactions between activists in helping to motivate change. Clare reflects on several key figures in the disability community; particularly Stacey Milbern Park and Carrie Ann Lucas, who were instrumental in advocating for changes to Medicare. Both Park and Lucas passed away in the past year.

Other parts of this conversation focus on the need for white individuals to decenter themselves and to allow BIPOC the opportunity to speak and to be heard. Clare offers insight to the rhythm of his creative process and demands of a large book project. He addresses some of his current projects.

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