Information Collection and Use

StoryBridge retains personal information solely to communicate with users after they have submitted content that they wish to publish on the site. We do not use storage technologies from third party partners to target or market to users. We also do not share your information with third party vendors on your behavior and other identifying information.

Information Disclosures

StoryBridge works to protect the the personal information of users and will not disclose information to third party partners or advertisers. We do not participate in any affiliate marketing programs and do not include contextual ads. We do not obtain any monetary compensation for users submissions or related content.

StoryBridge is currently listed as a subsidiary of Narrative Scope, LLC and is the private domain of its owner Courtney Donovan. StoryBridge is a trademarked resource with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Information Security

StoryBridge takes seriously the issue of web security and has taken all possible steps to ensure a secure online environment. User content is stored in a secure online site that is password protected.

Unsubscribe Methods

At any moment, users can withdraw submission content or withdraw from the discussion forum. The best way to ensure removal of content or to unsubscribe is to contact our team.


StoryBridge adheres to fundamental ethical principles relating to the disclosure of personal information. For this reason, individuals must indicate that they are voluntarily sharing their information and have read our online policies and disclaimers. Users must indicate consent and authorization via the submission process, which guides the user through the consent process that must be completed prior to sending a submission.